If you can't come in to us, we can come out to you!

At Springville Pharmacy, we strive to provide the best local pharmacy services to our patients and customers in Springville. To make our services even more convenient and comprehensive, we’re pleased to offer drive up pharmacy services! We understand that different factors can prevent you from coming inside to pick up your much-needed prescriptions, so by simply giving us a call when you’re outside of our building, we’ll bring your prescriptions out to you. That’s just one of the many ways we serve as your home for a healthy life!

To take advantage of our pharmacy’s drive up services, pull up to the front of our building and give us a call at 716-592-2026.

How It Works

As your preferred community pharmacy in Springville, NY, we’re pleased to serve our patients and customers in any way we can. We understand that it isn’t always feasible to make it inside to visit us, so that’s why we offer our drive up pharmacy service. By offering this service, we’re able to meet the needs of everyone who depends on us for prescriptions!

Utilizing our pharmacy’s drive up services is easier than ever. In fact, there are only three simple steps to follow once you know your prescription is ready for pickup.

  1. Pull your vehicle up to the front of our building.
  2. Call our pharmacy at 716-592-2026 and let us know your name and which vehicle you’re in.
  3. We’ll bring your prescription out to your vehicle within a couple of minutes.

That’s all it takes! It’s never been more convenient or efficient to pick up your prescription at Springville Pharmacy.

The Benefits of Using Pharmacy Drive Up Services

If you’ve never taken advantage of our drive up pharmacy services before, what are you waiting for? By doing so, you’ll enjoy several benefits that you simply can’t get from picking up your prescriptions inside.

  • It’s a more accessible prescription pickup option that anybody can utilize.
  • Due to a shorter interaction time, it helps reduce the risk of spreading bacteria and viruses between patients and our pharmacists. 
  • It’s so convenient that you won’t even have to leave your vehicle.
  • It streamlines the prescription pickup process, thus improving service times and reducing wait times for all pharmacy patients and customers.
  • It makes prescription pickup easier than ever because all you need to do is make a phone call.

Reasons To Use a Drive Up Pharmacy

You might be wondering why you should use our pharmacy’s drive up services. We’ve made this prescription pickup option available to all of our patients and customers, but here are a few particular reasons why you may want to consider utilizing it during your next pickup:

  • If you have a medical condition that makes it difficult to get around, you can wait for your prescription from the comfort of your vehicle.
  • If you have young children with you, you won’t have to worry about unloading everyone in and out of your vehicle. 
  • If you’re immunocompromised and concerned about waiting in line behind a group of people, you can safely wait from your vehicle.

Give Us a Call When You’re Here

As the best full-service pharmacy in Springville, Springville Pharmacy strives to serve as your home for health. As part of our dedication to better serve our patients and customers, we’re pleased to offer our drive up pharmacy services. No matter your reason for being unable to visit us inside to pick up your prescription, we’re here to offer this service as a convenience to you. Please call us at 719-592-2026 to let us know when you’re outside for your prescription.